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Charity and Humanitarian Aid News
(Note: Older news links may have expired)

August 2017
* Texas LDS meetinghouse becomes shelter, boat command center
* Mormons in Sierra Leone help deliver supplies following recent mudslide
* LDS student body president organizes food, clothing drive for Harvey evacuees
* Texas LDS meetinghouse becomes shelter, boat command center
* 'From here, we rebuild': Texans prepare for arduous cleanup process
* L.D.S. donate to Samoa Social Welfare
* Mormon service teams assist Heritage Square Museum
* Church of Latter Day Saints donates eye equipment worth $247,000 to Health Ministry
* Understanding the refugee crisis: 25 million worldwide, but it comes down to the one
* Texoma-area congregations provide on-going tornado recovery in Canton area
* Members of Latter Day Saints engage in community service
* Charity opens apartments for families in need in Spokane Valley
* Latter Day Saints Members Do Community Service
* Mormons Support Catholic Efforts to Relieve Hunger in Tahiti
* Volunteers step up to help clean up their community park
* Latter-day Saint Congregations in Freetown Clean Connaught Hospital
July 2017
* Church helps clean up flooded town, rebuild library
* Deseret Industries helps bring hope to desperate Sioux reservation
* Use JustServe Website or App to Find Service Opportunities Near You
* Working across faiths, three churches shift 200 beds for homeless families
* Savaii L.D.S. donates for children’s welfare
* Three churches collaborate to help homeless
June 2017
* Latter-day Saints Recognized by National Children’s Alliance
* LDS youth group spearheading cleanup
* Parishioners package meals
* About 700 volunteers serve Northern Utahns in need at Living Christ service day
* Botswana: LDS Trains Health Workers
* Latter-day Saints in Maryland Bring Relief to Refugees
* Koro Island get water tanks
* Latter-day Saints in Maryland Bring Much-Needed Relief to Refugees
May 2017
* LDS Church donates $1.5 million to Red Cross
* LDS Church and AMAR are 'doers' in helping refugees, says Baroness Nicholson
* Church’s Humanitarian Work Continues to Lift Burdens
* Volunteers flock to Memory Grove for 20th annual cleanup
* Helping Hands complete service projects across Temecula Valley
* Peruvian president thanks Church for flood relief
* LDS Charities Remains Committed to Lifting Burdens, Providing Hope
* Peruvian President Thanks Church for Flood Relief
* Youth, parishioners honor Monongahela Veterans graves
April 2017
* Church offering relief to tens of thousands of flood-weary Peruvians
* Mormons’ JustServe helps helpers find places to, well, help
* Church Offering Relief to Tens of Thousands of Flood-Weary Peruvians
* New LDS pilot programs bring education to Mormon children in island nations
* First Presidency Releases Statement on Homelessness
* Over a decade, LDS Church has given $42 million to homeless relief in Salt Lake
* Q&A: Mormon grandmother, refugee camp manager never stops caring for others
* LDS ward in Franklin County building home for local family in need
* LDS Church Responding to the Needs of the Homeless
* Provo teen raises money to buy nearly 400 wheelchairs for those in need, passes tradition on to sister
* Faiths Can Combine Efforts to Help Needy, Sister Bingham Tells United Nations
* Mormons, Muslims work together to help refugees
* 400 LDS volunteers beautify Mountain View Cemetery with annual youth spring cleanup
* Appeal for Stroud community to rally behind refugees
* LDS Church donation to help heal victims of child abuse
* LDS Church leaders present donation to Utah Children’s Justice Center
* More than 1,000 expected to participate in annual Redlands Community Day of Service
March 2017
* Primary Leader Visits Refugee Camps in Uganda
* 'When all the refugees are taken care of, we'll be done,' says LDS Relief Society general president
* Record year for LDS giving fueled by 'I Was a Stranger'
* Members Assemble 250 Hygiene Kits for Local Refugee Families in Denver
* 'We're not pulling back' from helping refugees, LDS leader says as First Presidency increases budget
* Heeding a call to serve refugees: 'I Was a Stranger' effort unites community
* Coat Drive Ensured Refugees Had a Warm Welcome
* The Church to Supply Feeding America with Up to 1 Million Jars of Peanut Butter
* The Church partners with national relief agency Feeding America to supply peanut butter
* Missionaries in Africa Worked to Increase Service and Self-Reliance
February 2017
* LDS woman 'doing her part' to help refugee camp in Greece
* Newmarket-area Mormons fight hunger
* LDS women donate 125 quilts to Rock Hill homeless shelter Emily’s House
* Utah County's Refugee Action Network develops new way to serve
* Members Offer Relief Following Massive Wildfires in Chile
* Mormon drive gives warmth — and hope — to Middle East refugees
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helps out with LOA Soup for Seniors
January 2017
* Humanitarian organization wants to donate wheelchairs to Kyrgyzstan
* Teens team up with Studio C members to aid refugee families
* 500 bikes given to students
* Methodist choir performs for Mormons following service projects
* $250,000 Worth of Hurricane Relief Supplies Donated to The Bahamas
* BHS student raises donations for Women's Center
* NFL Team & Stars Give LDS Teen with Cancer the Trip of a Lifetime
* Utah wraps its arms around refugees
* St. Joseph Catholic High School sends seniors out for week of service
* Church Stands as a Beacon in Fiji
* LDS Church to donate $25,000 in food, help for N. Nevada Food Bank
December 2016
* Church Leader Discusses Refugees’ Plight and Humanitarian Aid With European Commissioner
* Utah and Mormons are the most generous givers
* "Helping Hands" offers relief across Peru
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donates food, coats
* Winter coat drive gets 1,000 donations
* LDS Church gifts $1 million to Mormon studies at USU just as professor moves to BYU for a year
* Plight of Refugees Inspires Ward to Make 100 Quilts in 100 Days
* “Helping Hands” Volunteers Offer Relief across Peru
* More evacuation centres activated in the Central division
* Salvation Army brings joy at Christmas
* Volunteering in the Gila Valley: promoting a spirit of service
* Erin Stewart: How to help refugees
November 2016
* CBS Baltimore: Mormons Give $50,000 Donation to Maryland Food Bank
* Mormon church pledges $200,000 to Jewish refugee resettlement group
* LDS woman’s search for optimism sparks worldwide service campaign
* New Deseret Industries in Springville to Be a “Beacon of Hope”
* Church Encourages “Small and Simple Acts” on Worldwide Day of Service
* 'Mormon Helping Hands’ volunteers assist New Zealanders displaced by quake
* Utah and Mormons are the most generous
* LDS Volunteers Assist New Zealanders Displaced by Quake
* Utah and Mormons are the most generous givers
* Church Leader Discusses Refugees’ Plight and Humanitarian Aid With European Commissioner
October 2016
* LDS volunteers cross the English Channel to help refugees
* Conyers LDS Church holds Carnival for Children with Disabilities
* Festival in Houston helps share experiences, ways to volunteer to help refugees
* Utah Sees Dramatic Increase in Refugee Aid Since the Church Issued Its Challenge Last Conference
* Members Across the Globe Respond to “I Was a Stranger” Relief Effort
* LDS Storehouse Serves Local Church Members, Others
* More than 1,200 LDS church members help Volusia County clean up
* LDS church plans annual Community Day of Service for Oct. 15 in Las Vegas
* Volunteers join Red Cross, Mormon's hurricane cleanup effort
* Latter-day Saints Answer “Call to Arms” Following Hurricane
* ‘Mormon Helping Hands’ volunteers help in post-Hurricane Matthew cleanup effort
* Austin Texas stakes join together to serve in community
* Church of Latter Day Saints Provides $50K Donation To Md. Food Bank
September 2016
* Church Donates $2 Million in Ongoing Refugee Aid
* IRC thanks LDS Church for its support
* Volunteers from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints arrive to help flood victims
* Church leaders visit God's 'helping hands' who are relieving suffering in Louisiana
* Apostles, David Archuleta Travel to Louisiana to Give Hope to Flood Victims
* Church donates $2 million in ongoing refugee aid
* MRS gets $1 million-plus grant from Mormons for refugee resettlement
* Mormon Mentions: David Archuleta volunteers for flood relief, James the Mormon puts pride on line for BYU
* Volunteers assist with raging fire near Ririe
* Volunteers pack 208,400 meals at LDS' Just Serve event
* Church Donates $2 Million in Ongoing Refugee Aid
* Presiding Bishop visits refugee shelters in Berlin
* LDS Church and its members aid refugees
* Calgarians step up for food bank's city-wide food drive
* LDS Churches giving back to schools
* Mormon Church Donates $2 Million to Charities Assisting Refugees
* Texas volunteers help flood victims in Louisiana
* School supplies collected by the thousands Saturday
* Church Releases New Video on Refugees
* City must get rid of about 1,500 tires after cleanup effort in Rockford
* Lakewood ward of LDS Church helps repair Seven Lakes Baptist church
* First of several food drives to help Oxford Community Pantry is Oct. 8
* Many of our neighbors are hungry, and Feed Ohio is bringing us all together to help
August 2016
* Mormon Helping Hands Clean Out Flooded Homes in Louisiana
* Massive LDS Relief Effort Responds to “Great Flood of 2016”
* Jurupa Valley warehouse helps those in distress
* Parishioners help out at Jona Vaughan
* Bumper crop at LDS farms, orchards will feed those in need
* Massive LDS relief effort responds to 'Great flood of 2016'
* Big truck drops off donations at Food Bank in Covington for flood victims
* Latter-day Saints educates public on cholera prevention
* Historic Flooding in Louisiana, Fires in California Prompt Church Response
* Historic flooding in Louisiana, fires in California prompt Church response
* After Her Newborn's Death, LDS Mom Makes Historic Donation to Help Struggling Newborns
* Twin Falls bishops' storehouse offers closer help to those need
* Small Acts, Big Service
* VIDEO: Welcoming Refugees to America
* LDS Church donates furniture and bicycles to CSI Refugee Center
July 2016
* Over 1000 homes destroyed and 23 people have died after flooding in West Virginia
* LDS church serves the community a free breakfast
* LDS donates $10,000 worth of furniture to Penang Sangam Primary School
* Food drive helps fill empty shelves at Winnipeg Harvest
* LDS Church welfare, humanitarian efforts average $40 million per year, apostle says
* PBS News Report Calls Church’s Welfare System Impressive
* LDS Church Spends About $40 Million on Humanitarian Efforts Per Year
* New Twin FAlls Bishop's Storehouse opens to help both community members and LDS families
* Utah's unique response to the refugee crisis comes about because of its past
* President Uchtdorf visits refugees; presents $3 million from LDS Church to help refugees
* President Uchtdorf Presents Donation to UN Food Program
* JustServe featured during Mormon Night with the San Diego Padres
June 2016
* Virginia Refugee Fair Helps Sisters Take Challenge to Serve Locally
* Mormon Helping Hands volunteer shares experience as a volunteer following West Virginia flooding
* LDS Charities Donates $60,000 Medical Equipment to Help the Blind in Jamaica See
* LDS Charities Helps Refugees in Rwanda in a Fundamental Way
* It's World Refugee Day 2016—How Have You Helped?
* Idaho entrepreneurs assist refugees in Jordan
* Indonesia Eliminates Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus
* New “Give Back” Video Highlights Members’ Service in Community Devastated by Flooding
* Missionaries save women from duplex fire
* LDS leaders mourn 'shocking' Orlando terror attack, pray for victims, law enforcement
* At Oxford, Elder Oaks says religion's value evident in refugee crisis
* Andersons blankets comfort six grieving children
* Fire hits Tabunok urban poor community
May 2016
* LDS Church Allocates Resources for Child Abuse Victims
* LDS Institute leads donation drive for people of Ecuador
* Miracles by the Bagful: Welcome Kits Donated to Refugee Camps in Germany
* Youths from ‘Mormon Helping Hands’ program clean up Pocatello cemetery
* Many of America's poorest communities dig deepest for charity
* David Archuleta, Paul Cardall to perform humanitarian concerts in the Adriatic North Mission
* President Uchtdorf recalls being a refugee, asks members to reach out
* VIDEO: Reaching Out to Refugees—Invite Them to Dinner
* With a little help from friends: South Plains Food Bank Kicks off Summer of Sharing on Memorial Day
April 2016
* Nonprofits inundated after LDS Church urges women to serve refugees
* LDS women help Utah Refugee Center serve those in need
* I Was A Stranger: Here is how this new campaign is helping the refugees settle
* Mormon volunteers channel aid to refugees near ISIS war zone and on resettlement frontlines
* Mormon Church Responds to Refugee Crisis (and it’s Remarkable!)
* Utah AMAR supporters seek to help refugees
* BYU grad's nonprofit organization makes helping refugees easier
* Twin Falls Mormon Women Embrace Call to Welcome, Help Refugees
* Power of one: BYU grad hopes to help solve big problem in refugee camps
* Helping out at Lemoore Senior Center
* LDS Institute seeks earthquake-relief donations
* County employees, LDS missionaries step up for Day of Service
March 2016
* 'I Was a Stranger' website for Mormon women helping refugees now in Chinese, 9 other languages
* New Mormon program brings surge in refugee aid in Utah
* One Mormon’s Work to End Homelessness
* LDS Church launches 'I Was a Stranger' website for Mormon women's refugee relief effort
* 40 Ways to Help Refugees
* Refugee help: 'My phone is blowing up; my email is blowing up. It is unbelievable what's already happening'
* LDS Church launches 'I Was a Stranger' website for Mormon women's refugee relief effort
* Sister Burton: 'I Was a Stranger'
* LDS First Presidency letter on refugees
* Leaders invite Latter-day Saint women to reach out to refugees
* Ways to help refugees
* Mormon Helping Hands gather to provide flood cleanup in Evans and Burr Ferry
* A Win-Win Situation: Church Partners with Law School to Serve Those in Need
* Eye glasses for school children project supported by Mormon Missionaries
* Members in Fiji Begin Rebuilding after Cyclone Winston
* Church Organizes to Help Fiji Heal after Cyclone Winston
* Welfare Moment: God Is Directing This Program
* 'We can put things back' - Cyclone Winston
* Cyclone Winston victims start path to recovery
* Church Assists Cyclone Winston Victims in Fiji
* Abandoned FLDS families need your help
February 2016
* Restaurants du Coeur: LDS Charities is assisting work in Lebanon to preserve dignity
* LDS Church donates additional $5 million to refugee crisis; President Uchtdorf shares refugee experience
* LDS church launches website to help communities with community service
* LDS leaders stay in Fiji to assess needs, give youth chance to perform in second celebration
* Cyclone Winston victims start process of recovery with help from LDS Church
* “Unity in Faith”: Youth Give Service at Local Haitian Church
* Cyclone Winston Update
January 2016
* President Uchtdorf Helps Serve Homeless a Christmas Day Dinner
* Church assisting in aftermath of weather disaster in Midwest, South
* LDS family gives single mom 'a home for the holidays'
* Mormons' wheelchairs give hope to PWDs
December 2015
* Relief Society Leaders Ask Sisters to “Reach Out to Those in Need”
* Christmas in Kenya: An unexpected opportunity to serve
* Church Funds Help Relieve Suffering among Refugees
* Photo Essay: Hundreds of Mormon Volunteers Serve in Ethnically Diverse Inner City Mission
* Stuart Edge plans Christmas surprise for friends who recently lost father, contributes to LDS Church's initiative
* Christmas in Kenya Brings Unexpected Opportunity to Serve
* Utah curbs 'chronic homelessness' by 91% in 10 yrs
* UTubers: Devin Graham surprises single mother, inspires fans in 47 countries to serve
* Church of Latter Day Saints raises close to $6,000 for families in need
* Church offers emergency food storage education to members and neighbors alike
* Area churches find ways to give to their communities
* Members of Kettering church collect donations for refugees in Calais
* Christmas dinner served to Utah homeless
* LDS volunteers, community help refugees
* LDS and Catholic Community Services provide steak dinner
November 2015
* Relieving the suffering: Church continues to address the needs of refugees in Europe
* Elder Ballard visits refugees in Europe
* Mormon apostle’s European visit underscores need to help refugees
* The Road Home opens new Community Winter Shelter in Midvale
* Church, Governments and Humanitarian Partners Aid Refugees in Europe
* A new approach: What the poor can teach us about helping the homeless
* Mormon women leaders reach out to poor in visit to Mongolia, Cambodia, Hong Kong
* Volunteers help causes started by LDS pro golfers
* Stephanie Nielson and husband, Christian, launch Beauty Rises charity
* New Storehouse Brings Help Closer to Home
* Volunteers critical to mission of Kansas Food Bank
* Virginia Community Gets Boost From Church Food Donation
* LDS Charities Emergency Response to Typhoon Lando
* LDS Church asks members to help world's refugees in growing humanitarian crisis
* LDS Church makes $5M donation to aid Middle East refugees
October 2015
* Church Assisting during Refugee Crisis; No Members Harmed in Chile Quake
* Mother of seven, Relief Society president provides relief in foreign war zone
* LDS Church Distributes Clothing in Bismarck Saturday
* LDS focus on worshiping God, helping people
* Effort to distribute Valley fire donations expands to more locations
* CCS humanitarians to be honored
* Group donates handmade quilts, bedding
* In annual fireside, BYU football team offers hope, inspiration to prison inmates
* Helping Hands dig in to create garden
* Church Members Encouraged to Assist Refugees
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Works with Community to Help Clothe Michigan’s Needy for Winter
* LDS volunteers spruce up Echo
* Stafford area LDS congregations donate food to needy
September 2015
* Mormons Stepping Up Aid to Refugees
* Baroness Emma Nicholson Speaks at BYU on Humanitarian Outreach
* Utah opens Hope Lodge for cancer patients, caregivers who travel for treatment
* Mormon Channel posts video about brothers who gave homes to Iraqi refugees
* Zumba instructors volunteer time to promote health in community
* 50 years later, Mormons return Jewish favor
* Church Humanitarian Response Office Gives Aid Worldwide
* Mormon Church Returns the Favor, Hosts Shabbat
* LDS Church frankly tackles addiction and recovery
* LDS Church offering aid across the globe
* Eye Care 4 Kids founder has the vision to help children see
August 2015
* 'Service that reflects the Savior's love'
* Latter-day Saint Volunteers Bask in Special Olympics Fever
* Cokeville hostage survivors speak about the angels who helped them
* Service Allows Disabled Youth to Participate in Trek
* Church volunteers at Special Olympics
* LDS to collect donations for fall food drive
* California community rallies around LDS family amid tragedy and hardship
* Latter-Day Saints undertake clean-up
* Teen Scout Helps Save Dad Hurt By Falling Boulder in Rugged Wilderness
July 2015
* LDS former hockey player, coach ‘returning the favor’ of charity while fighting Parkinson’s disease
* Serving the community ‘makes us stronger as a whole’
* LDS Church members help with Habitat house
* RIFA receives $25K donation for Snack Backpack
* What is a Bishop's Storehouse?
* LDS Charities Donates Medical Supplies in Papua New Guinea
* LDS Charities Sets Its Sights on Vision Care Around the World
* LDS Charities Provides Neonatal Resuscitation Training Around the World
* Episcopalian convention includes service project on Welfare Square
* Worshippers clean-up held at Nuneaton bandstand
* Episcopalian Convention Includes Hands-On Interfaith Service Project at Welfare Square
June 2015
* MOTION GRAPHIC: LDS Charities Helps Provide Immunizations Around the World
* Volunteers brave wet weather to clean beach
* Mormon Helping Hands Help Flood Victims in Texas
* Church Peanut Butter Cannery Supports Houston Food Bank
* Hundreds of youths join to donate shoes to Africa
* Shelves are getting bare and food bank needs help
* MOTION GRAPHIC: LDS Charities Helps Provide Clean Water Around the Globe
* Church peanut butter cannery responds to urgent call for Food Bank support
* Communities in California and Hawaii Unite to Complete Hundreds of Service Projects
* California, Hawaii communities unite to serve
* LDS doctor serves in post-earthquake Nepal
* LDS Charities: A Look at 30 Years of Worldwide Humanitarian Relief
* Houston Mayor Involves Missionaries in Flood Recovery
* Charity Helps Us Become What We Are “Supposed to Be”
* New Ogden homeless shelter expected to help thousands daily
* Missionaries help flood victims in Ghana
* LDS Charities responded to 132 disasters in 60 countries in 2014, Elder Holland tells UK Parliament
* New homeless shelter/soup kitchen opens in Ogden
* Volunteers planning to sack Food Bank potatoes
* Meyerland area flood victims get help from Mormon Helping Hands
* Church to Deliver 9,610 Cans of Food to South Plains Food Bank Monday
May 2015
* Church outreach teaches English to community members
* Asia Area Leaders Visit Nepal Devastation
* 60+ Volunteers Lend A Helping Hand In Delmont On Memorial Day
* JustServe program benefits individuals, communities
* Helping Hands project volunteers pack up more than 85,000 meals
* Mormon group assists with community projects
* Mormon Helping Hands turns to Towanda
* Real effort of LDS Charities is to build character, leader says
* Relief Efforts Continue in Nepal
* Relief efforts continue in quake-weary Nepal
* LDS Charities’ history, reach topic of Pioneers in Every Land lecture
April 2015
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints improves school library in New Orleans
* Church Provides Donation to Children’s Justice Center in Utah
* LDS Church donates $100,000 to combat effects of child abuse
* Church Determining How to Help after Nepal Earthquake
* Mormon humanitarian Bishnu Adhikari, family safe after Nepal earthquake
* Cause for Hope mentors help South, Central American families out of poverty
* LDS Helping Hands out in force this weekend
* Rocket stove project to help poor families
* Church Members Quick to Rebuild in Vanuatu
* Samoan Mormons Send Food and Clothes to Post-Cyclone Vanuatu
* Tongan and Samoan members assist cyclone victims in Vanuatu
* Church rebuilding homes in Vanuatu
* Mormons tie up with Capitol for wheelchair project
March 2015
* In Post-Storm Vanuatu, Mormons Quick to Rebuild
* American Red Cross recognizes Southern Utah heroes; STGnews Videocast
* Church Donates 'Meet the Mormons' Proceeds to the American Red Cross
* Pope Francis hosts Google Hangout for children with disabilities
* LDS Charities Hosts Conference to Discuss Help for Refugees
February 2015
* Women Church Leaders Visit Faith-Based Relief Agency in Texas
* Intense Storms Provide Members, Missionaries Opportunities for Service
* Missionaries boost humanitarian efforts
* LDS Charities Hosts Conference to Discuss Help for Refugees
* LDS Church to provide financial aid to Mormon couples looking to adopt
* LDS women to make school bags for Africa
* LDS Church continues its fight against Ebola
January 2015
* Church continues its fight against Ebola
* Community Participates in Walk of Life on BYU Campus
* Church Celebrates 50 Years of Growth and Service in Bolivia
* Members from Brazil Join in Massive Service Effort
* Philippines typhoon - Rebuilding lives
* 'Walk of Life' brings students, community together
* The Humanitarian Impulse
* Missionaries Brighten Up Community Event in Houston, Texas
* Missionaries help community event 'shine'
* LDS Brazilians join in massive service project
* Philanthropist Ira Fulton extols the rewards of giving
* LDS Charities in Iraq: 'Sharing your pain'
* Reaching hearts: Swedish surgeon helps refugees in northern Iraq
* LDS young adults use New Year’s for charity
* Community soup kitchen now serving Monday through Friday
* LDS Church Working with Rotary to Eradicate Polio
December 2014
* LDS Church submits plans to open Gilbert thrift store
* America’s Least and Most Charitable States
* Cullman County sweet potatoes donated to the needy
* Mormon Volunteers Spread Holiday Cheer
* Why Utah is the most charitable state in America
* LDS members provide 10,000 meals
* Church is recognized for service
* Battleship Missouri association honors LDS volunteers
* Jordan aids Syrian refugees as winter cold sets in
* Christmas Socks Warm More Than Missionaries’ Feet
* Caring for the poor and needy
* Championing the Poor in Malaysia
* Scout helps clean up historic cemetery despite deluge
November 2014
* LDS Church and Red Cross establish service initiative
* Fire destroys Ellensburg food bank, 25 tons of food
* LDS Donates Wheelchairs, Hearing Aids to the Disabled in Jiangsu
* Kearns Church Joins Network Offering Shelter to Homeless Families
* Families find winter apparel at clothing distribution
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to hold food drive for Family Service Association of Redlands
* FastCommand Program Helps Church Members during Disasters
* Churches make food-drive donation
* Latter-day Saints restore Salem school
October 2014
* LDS Church provides food, other aid to members in Ebola areas
* Church Continues to Provide Aid to Ebola-Stricken West Africa
* Anything for Auni: A community rallies to help Utah family
* LDS Charitites partners to help women in Iraq
* American Red Cross announces continued partnership with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* Poor and middle-class give most to charity, wealthy pull back
* Church Sends Aid to Sierra Leone during Ebola Lockdown
* LDS Church members in Lebanon serve local refugees
* Service unites faith groups in D.C. area
* Aiding families in Sierra Leone
* Community serves side by side with Mormons on Wyoming river project
* Church pays Parowan $36K total toward new bathrooms
* Charitable Giving By State: Are Republicans More Generous Than Democrats, Or Just More Religious?
* Women to sew school bags
* Almost 10K pounds of food donations collected in Burnaby
* LDS sewing bags for Ethiopian kids
September 2014
* Feed Ohio collects almost 2,000 pounds
* Church volunteers finish Big Bend landscaping project in two days
* Mormon neighbors help Catholic nuns with annual Carmelite Fair
* Update on flood-recovery effort in Mesa; volunteers working in Harris-Stapley
* Volunteers come out to help flooded Mesa residents
* Day of Service for Seward’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
* Multi-faith food drive sets target of 15,000 pounds of donations
* Two faiths work together for common cause
* Utah nonprofit uses playtime to shape future for Ghanians
* Young church volunteers come to the West Side to fight graffiti
* LDS fall food bank drive returns
August 2014
* Humanitarian Services: A Call To Help The Needy
* 'True compassion': Members of the Developmental Center Ward serve those who serve them
* Church's Blue Creek welfare farms helps feed thousands
* Latter-Day Saints undertakes clean-up campaign in W/R
* Volunteers Turn Out to Help Storm Victims in Nevada
* Back-to-School Clothes Donated
* Local LDS church members work with others to aid slide victims
* FeedOhio 2014 works with local charities on statewide food drive
* A Dream Fulfilled Because of Church’s Perpetual Education Fund
* Half Marathon for Needy Families Helps Wyoming Family Heal
* LDS Church chipping in to help Iraq’s fleeing Christians
* Houston Stakes Help with Hurricane Preparedness
* Church Honored for Humanitarian Work in Bolivia
* California storm: Crews work to clear 4 walls of mud that cut off town
* Peru humanitarian trip gives DV student chance to lend a hand
* For cancer patients, a little smile goes a long way
* Relief Society General Board: Serving Children with Disabilities
* Community reaches out to another Frisco family who loses home in lightning strike
July 2014
* LDS Medical Team Trains Midwives in Newborn Resuscitation
* Perpetual Education Fund thriving in Ghana
* Serving children with disabilities
* Volunteers provide clothing, food, flip-flops during Pioneer Day event
* Church members focus service efforts on Strasburg park
* BYU-Idaho students, Rexburg residents embrace opportunities to serve following flood
* Church recognized for service in Black Forest Fire
* 11-yr-old's lemonade shack has donated 330 wheelchairs
* Mormon youths spruce up memorial
* Dayton Ohio East Stake Relief Society Donates Blankets and Toys to Ronald McDonald House
* Teens Help Give Cemetery New Life
June 2014
* Church donates 10,000 pounds of food to SPFB
* United Way and LDS team up to help homeless in East Valley
* 500 Babies in Africa will host packing event
* Food bank volunteers bag thousands of pounds of potatoes for distribution
* Gratitude unites neighbors, descendants, and volunteers in honoring Mormon Pioneers at Richardson's Point, Iowa
* Local religious organizations help Salt Lake-bound refugees resettle
* Pensioners give up their pension for Malaysian mercy mission
* Utah leaders break ground on major addition to Huntsman Cancer Institute
* Lubbock LDS church donates 10,000 pounds of food to South Plains Food Bank
* Mormons help with tornado recovery
* LDS Scout helping to repair Methodist church's roof
* Akron Ohio Stake Joins with Local Organization to Fight Hunger
May 2014
* LDS Church helps after tornado hits near Watford City
* BYU Students Give Breath to Newborns in Developing World
* Mormonism in Pictures: Mormon Helping Hands Aid Fire Victims in Chile
* Saints Serve One Another in Storm-Ravaged Arkansas
* 65,000 Mormon Helping Hands Volunteers Serve Communities
* LDS church members clean up Niguel Botanical Preserve
* National City Mayor Joins LDS Volunteers for a Day of Service
* Northshore Mormon Helping Hands volunteers clean up tornado damage in Mississippi
* National City’s mayor ecstatic over LDS volunteers
* BYU gives breath to newborns in developing world
* Mormonism in Pictures: Mormon Helping Hands in the Philippines Volunteer for a Day of Service
* North Houston Youth Spend Youth Conference Serving Others
* The 5 Most and Least Charitable U.S. States
* LDS volunteers tackle community projects
* Mormon Helping Hands Volunteers Participate in Arkansas Tornado Cleanup
* Women of Many Faiths Gather for Day of “Loving Community Service”
* California members in Orange County make meals for 100,000
* Viewpoint: Rescue those in Need
* Relief Society: Strengthening the community through interfaith outreach
* Church members reach out to help
* Methodists and Mormons join efforts to help needy families
April 2014
* Methodists and Mormons join efforts to help needy families
* Church Responds to Disasters in Chile
* LDS FamilySearch donates $1.5 million to Philly museum
* Church Partners to Help the Homeless
* Mormon Helping Hands Day Of Service To Support Santa Clarita Schools
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints donates shoes to needy Haitians
* Day of Service: Volunteers help clean up the Valley
* Church responds to disasters in Chile
* Bountiful LDS mothers, daughters help collect, assemble food packs for children
* Annual project by LDS churches in Raleigh helps fuel Food Bank
* Church Provides Furniture to Utah Ronald McDonald House
* Thousands of volunteers expected for day of service on Mack Road
* Quilt drive to benefit dementia patients
* Missionaries serve with Montgomery County Food Bank
* Church donates furniture to new expansion of Ronald McDonald House
* LDS Church, Red Cross team to provide community volunteers
* Mormon volunteers to team up with Red Cross
March 2014
* LDS youth volunteers, leaders tackle massive cleanup
* Local church collecting donations for 500 Babies in Africa
* 17 year old donates 300 rugby boots
* Inside the LDS Church’s Bishops’ Central Storehouse
* New program aims to prevent suicide, homelessness in LGBT Mormon youth
* LDS church fills 150 backpacks for local food program
* Women Leaders Visit Philippines to Comfort, Support Members
* Putting a stamp on charitable project
* Readers’ donations raise charity cash
* Members Help with Ice Storm Cleanup in Georgia
* Good Samaritan a great example of kindness in the world
* Mormon Church Building Deconstructed And Entirely Donated To Habitat For Humanity
* Perpetual Education Fund Blesses a Member in Ecuador
* Philippines Recovering One Nail at a Time
* Typhoon Haiyan recovery
February 2014
* Volunteers lend hand in Columbia County Day of Service
* Members Provide Relief for Flood Victims in England
* Graffiti wipe-out organised
* LDS Teen Improving Lives in Ghana
* Mormon Volunteers Building Homes for Typhoon Haiyan Victims
* Welfare and Self-Reliance Are Rebuilding the Philippines
* Members Give Aid after Cyclone in Tonga
* Church Donates Medical Equipment in Uruguay
* Mormon missionaries ditching suits, donning jeans to do more service
* Service Missions Make It Possible for All to Serve
* LDS Church follows up on self-reliance initiative in Tacloban
January 2014
* Members Participate in Service Project to Beautify Peru's Beaches
* Houston-area quilters share the spirit of giving with Interfaith Charity Quilting Bee
* LDS World: Cyclone Ian and lessons from the people of Tonga
* Utah Muslims Donate Generously to Church Disaster Fund
* Young Single Adults Assemble 21,000 School Kits for Charity
* Church Sends Supplies to Tonga after a Devastating Cyclone
* Utah Muslims work with LDS Church to help typhoon victims
* Church Members Encouraged to Serve in Their Communities
* LDS Physicians Helping Babies Breathe
* Half of LDS homes in Tonga destroyed or damaged by brutal cyclone
* Local church lends residents a 'helping hand'
* Mormons Mobilise After Devastating Cyclone Hits Tonga
* LDS devotional, fan food drive highlight BYU bowl game
* Church Community Helps Refugees in Utah
* LDS Charities contributes $200,000 to Rotary's efforts to eradicate polio
December 2013
* Church Missionaries Provide Cleanup of Historic Site in Cambodia
* Making Wreaths Is a 50-Year Tradition in Cambridge Area
* Latter-day Saint (LDS) Charities supports Rotary's efforts to eradicate polio with new US$200,000 gift
* 'Renaissance man' Jon Huntsman Sr. has a legacy of giving
* Mormons lead way in disaster-prep food storage
* Hundreds of Members Respond After Texas Flood
* Nearly $60K in donations raised for new father's grieving family (KSL - Utah)
* Sandy YSA Stake Donates 10,752 Pounds of Canned Goods
* Members in Boston Plant Daffodils along Marathon Route
November 2013
* MTC churns out meals for the poor on Thanksgiving
* Breaking Down the Walls: Mormons Join Interfaith Effort to Feed Hungry at Thanksgiving
* Ministering to the Needs in Tacloban
* Church Members Rally to Aid Typhoon Victims in Philippines
* Members Across the Caribbean Lead International Day of Service
* Church members rally to the aid of typhoon victims in Philippines
* VIDEO: Filipinos Find Shelter, Aid in Church's Chapels After Typhoon
* The best way to help members in the Philippines
* LDS Church to establish relief-operations center in Philippines; missionaries to pitch in
* Church Continues to Assist Typhoon Victims
* Church Providing Relief in the Philippines
* Church Providing Aid in Wake of Typhoon
* Mormon families among Filipinos helping their neighbors
* Volunteers help lay new path
* Church Opens Its Doors to Evacuees
* Emergency Monitoring Center All Set for Yolanda
* Typhoon Haiyan Update: Church Supplying Relief Supplies to Those in Need
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Relief Society helps Lodi-area homeless
* Church Members, Missionaries in Philippines Prepared for Typhoon Haiyan
* Mormon Helping Hands provide relief after Filipino earthquake
* Honesdale volunteers part of massive cleanup
* Chubbuck Stake LDS youths help clean up Alameda hillsides
* Mormons Do Plenty of Community Service

October 2013
* ‘Helping hands’ make difference
* Church Responds to Natural Disasters in Philippines and India
* LDS church donates 22,000 pounds of food
* Church Expresses Love and Support Following Earthquake in the Philippines
* LDS society gives items to Family Shelter
* Maryland Food Bank receives truck load of food
* Members’ Contributions Help Church Respond to Disasters
* Latter-day Saints Church donate non-fat milk for schools
* Church Delivers Aid to Flood Victims in Mexico
* Feed the 80,000: Group hungry to help malnourished Mormon kids
* LDS Blood Drive Blessing Lives throughout Colombia
* Maryland Food Bank receives truck load of food
* Members’ Contributions Help Church Respond to Disasters
* Latter-day Saints Church donate non-fat milk for schools
* Exxon and LDS Church team up to feed the hungry
* Once again, Utah is recognized for its culture of generosity

September 2013
* Utah Church Members Drive to Valley Food Bank with Donation
* Colorado Latter-day Saints Provide Flood Relief
* LDS Troop 583 supports Metrocrest CROP Walk for Hunger
* LDS families impacted by historic Colorado flooding
* Church's donated beef helps Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
* Volunteers clean up in north Spokane to commemorate Sept. 11
* Mormon food pantries assist families in need
* Mormons come to aid of Salvation Army's food pantry
* After Typhoon Maring, Church helps thousands of storm's victims
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sponsoring Day of Service on Sept. 14
* States That Give Most to Charity Are Religious, Republican, Not Wealthy
* Uganda: Latter-Day Saints Give Back to Community
* Latter Day Saints donates to NGO
* Activity brings together downtown S.L. community in support of local charities

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