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'One in Charity': 40th annual BYU Women's Conference
Deseret News photo
'One in Charity': 40th annual BYU Women's Conference

* LDS First Presidency announces changes to area leadership assignments
* LDS missionary Mason Wells returns home 37 days after Brussels bombing
* “Knowledge vs. Wisdom”: Elder Robbins Speaks on Developing a Christlike Character
* Church Marks National Child Abuse Prevention Month
* Church-Service Missionaries: 'If Ye Have Desires to Serve God Ye Are Called to the Work'
* Scam targets families of LDS missionaries
* Church-Service Missionaries: 'If Ye Have Desires to Serve God Ye Are Called to the Work'
* 'They were still my brethren in the Lord': Missionary and investigator reunited after 36 years
* Church News viewpoint: Refugees among us
* LDS Church outlines how it prevents child sexual abuse, makes donation
* Fortune reports: BYU's cybersecurity team makes up more than half of women represented at championship
* King of Mormon folklore, Bert Wilson, a legend in his own right, dies, but all those tales live on
* Faith and fame: Former 'Dancing With the Stars' pro Chelsie Hightower shares her story
* LDS group performs music of the Andes to 'soar with the condor'
* Forget-Me-Not: BYU–Idaho Presents Fashion and Floral Gala
* Service: Finding the Real Joy of Living
* Niumatalolo and Navy make another trip to the White House
* County employees, LDS missionaries step up for Day of Service

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